Reply To: 4.0 Myth or Mystery

June 1, 2017 at 10:20 am #8421

Kendall asked for my help, so I gave it… That’s not allowed?
Also I do know though, because I had to work the program out for myself as, your support consisted of, myself contacting you and was told after 4 hours of trying to explain to you what the problem was, was told to wait for 4.0, That was 6 months ago… Maybe if someone didn’t take the tutorials down or remove the forum, or now that we are not allowed to talk to each other, we might be able to help our-self’s!

I’m not giving “all this negative ad” you are doing that by yourself my friend.
Some people, like Prophet there, have bought your product (as ALL the advertisements points toward) expecting 4.0 “SOON”.

I, like many others, just believe the promises you make, why wouldn’t we… Is it not fair for us to ask when you don’t do What you say you will over and over?
Is there any need to be condescending or get all sensitive to me or your customers for asking what you have promised?
What have we done wrong in believing in you time and time again?

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