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June 6, 2017 at 9:12 pm #8429

Tuesday (today) same of the previous day… that means that still working to tuning the Database, this time on the Keybinding.

Referring to the previous version the 4.0 allows you to customize any key regarding the macros, sub macros or key of game. Also you can bind another key to fire or add another key of the keyboard to the left button mouse.

To make an example you can set a key on the keyboard for the autoburst 1 or / and autoburst 2 or /and bursted, and bind this to a extra button on your mouse. So you can have many mode of fire in your hand.

In BF1 for example you can set up 2 autobursts for a medic rifle and then use a “regular” autoburst for close combats and a slow but more accurate to engage far away targets.

Also we introducing the ability to set multiple actions (macro for a single key or action)

For example , if you zoom the weapon using the right button mouse , as me , you can bind before, until, after the pression on this Key a macro/sub macro / action :

Autospot macro
Aim Mode
Secondary macro at the end (when is released as sniper)
also reload the weapon at the end + change on secondary.

Or another example in BF1 , using the cavalry class you can setup that after you release the key n3 , mse will emulates the pression of n4 and viceversa. In this manner when you deploy a medics pouch , an ammo pouch will be deployed also…. and viceversa.

rest of my work…today…

Actually Working on the Client Interface.

Good night at all, see you later or tomorrow again… i want talk you of the MSE MacroMarket where VIP are allowed to resell their macros (not available in Beta but i want try with you)… was a mine crazy idea from along time. w’ll see

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