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July 12, 2017 at 12:18 pm #8552

Name: Henrik

Age: 17

From: Norway, half Swedish

Software knowledge: 8-9.

Known Languages: English(I have English class 3 times a day, two hours and one hour “Specialization”), Norwegian,
Swdish, I am going to learn German, Spanish.

Experiences: Been playing video games for a long time, since I was 4 years old, my dad sat me infront of the tv with a playstation 1

Something about me: Love talking to people and make new friends, I have been working and been moderator for sites like Unitycheats, Aimjunk. I love to fix problems and I feel good about my self when I do. On School I am currently learning coding.

Schedule: I am currently going to school, I may sometimes be only between 09:00 to 14:00 but that`s my school time. After 14:00 EU time I normal just workout and play games. So I got alot of free time.

A little Q&A to get to know me better

Have an active subscription?
Yes I do have an active Subscription.
Good* knowledge about our software?
As said above, I have about 8-9 in knowledge about MSE
Understand English+?
Also said above, I would count my self as excellent, in both speaking and writing.
Be friendly for others
Always, I treat everyone the same, no one is worth more than others. I have respect for everyone, and let them speak first before I say anything. I would never go online being all mad after a bad day, cause then I would get easy irritated.

Well, we came to the end of this apply. Been fun writing all this, I really hope you thought it was fun to read. I see you later aligator!

Best Regards!

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