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Ooooh -.-‘ who is there that has a good reputation 🙂

Keep calm, im to releasing homeworking , this night… as explained i have to coding PUBG because, “bad or not”, i want release with PUBG.
But in PUBG you can have 2 primary weapons and one secondary, so i have to re.invent my software a bit , hoping that you like what my mind can give birth.

Playing  Player Unknows Battlegrounds , you evolve your weaponry in a single round so your macro evolves with you.

The Start Loadout ->Key F1

 Single – Using this profile you have a single weapon , so a single macro (Rifle or Sidearm) 8 preconfigured.


Evolving in the game you can switch to a profile that can are :

>Key F2

  Duo – you can  have two primaries simultaneously , so in MSE40 two primaries macro (Rifle only) 8+8 (16 Macros)

>Key F3

  Mixed– you can  have one primary and one Sidearm so one primary macro and one sidearm macro (Rifle + SideArm) 8+8 (16 Macros)

>Key F4

 Multi– you can  have two primaries and one Sidearm so in MSE40 two primary macros and one sidearm macro (2Rifle + SideArm) 8+8+8 (24 Macros)


I know singhsta from along time , he is a GOLDOLD member …. and he is right really …but atm im talking to jesus christ evreyday to solve any issue 😛

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