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MSE Progaming existes from a very long time and is designed to work on any mouse and keyboard on the market and it is so customizable to match any style of playing or user configurations (eg sensitivity in game).

MSE allows each user to set the optimal parameters, with micron precision.

What is it a “macro” ?

Is a logic to a certain amount of time running an action. In this case, specific to each shot fired moves the mouse down (you can also set up) and / or to the right or left depending on the values configured in the program.

MSE progaming is a visual editor macros for FPS games and allows us to change every aspect of a macro, you can also set random values that will be generated every time you shoot.

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Send to us a mail ! Dont Hesitate to ask for any question or doubt. Our team can help you to make any macro for any game. I want remember that MSE is basically an editor so is easy to build a macro for any game. The quick Macro editor is available for Vip members only.

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We are working on a new product. For this reason, the site will undergo a makeover and as all tutorials. The forum also will be recreated again. But the current release will not be supported more.

For this reason, any requests for assistance will be treated exclusively by email.

Thanks in advance for understanding.

MSE Staff

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